Les tulips

15 Jun



Le Riga trip

14 Jun

Shortly after the Finland trip in march we went to Riga with the legendary Scanbalt student Cruise! Not that we saw much of Riga, we just went off the boat to grab something to eat lol

We only part to meet again. ~John Gay

6 Jun

I haven’t told much about myself here, mostly because I don’t have a reason to, and I think it’s unneccesary for this kind of blog. BUT today I’ll make an exception, so to the people who don’t wanna hear me babbling about me: scroll down and look at the pics instead. Or have some chocolate^^. And to the rest on u:

My name is Grace and I just finished my 2nd year of uni, majoring in tourism management. During this semester I’ve been busy as hell because of learning chinese and korean, working at two different part time jobs, being head designer (together with another wonderful girl) of my uni’s teathre group, as well as being chairwoman (together with another wonderful person) of my uni’s international committee. I’d like to think of myself as a superwoman, but that is a secret.

So what I wanna talk about is the experience of being Chairwoman of the international committee (IntCom). IntCom consists of a group of individuals that really, really care about the international exchange students that arrive to our uni every semester. We are mentors for the exchange students and we plan different events for them, such as visiting museums, the parliament or simply just a masquerade party. We show them how things are done “the swedish way” lol

This semester I was lucky and got two korean guys as my mentees (not really, I picked them hehehe). I had a really great time with them and got to know some other exchange students as well. But the saddest thing about being in IntCom is that things aren’t statical, people come and go and in the end of each semester you realise how you are just a tiny bit of their life in Sweden, nothing else. And the all people that you have been so used to having around your for a semester, are suddenly starting to go back to their countries, one by one.

And frankly, it hurts.

I just got of the phone with my mentees and they told me tonight was the last chance to meet them before they left. I always knew they were gonna go back home, but I think the phone call really made me realize that they are actually going. So with a thick voice and blank eyes I said good bye and hung up. And then i burst into tears.

It surprised me how much these individuals actually mean to me as friends after just one semester.

So with this post, I really want to thank you, my dear mentees, for being so kind to me and having patience with me for this short period of time. I have really had a great time with u and the other exchange students! 🙂

And thank you for teaching me how to swear in korean, I believe it will be pretty useful when I go there.

See you guys in the future 😀

Le Gamla Stan/Slussen

5 Jun

A sunny day in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, and Slussen 🙂

hmm, can’t decide wether i like the glare or not..

The end 🙂

Grace x3

31 May

Thanks to Sherry for taking the pics (:


31 May

So I decided to try out the camera on my new iPhone 4s, and it is soooo good compared to the one i had before (3gs)! And I love the editing apps on the phone because they are waaaay faster than the one I use on my computer, so yaaay! Here are some samples^^




No not emo, just sad. But I’ll be fine in 5minutes 😀

Le monochrome

29 May

Hmm, might as well post another one 🙂

Ai Weiwei: one of my inspiration sources♥

Absence lvl Grace

29 May

So eh…Hi! I finally have time to update this dusty blog naow huehue. Since it’s been waaaay too long i’ll just post some random ones , yaaay:D

So my friend from Taiwan/Austria came and visited me for ten days! I didn’t do any homework those days, but i had a greaaaat time! And yes those days are the reason i got so much to catch up with now T T

One of the days we went to Djurgården and found this adorable tree with colorful balls (hehe) hanging from its branches and we kinde fell in love with it. We went there for two or three days in a row, hence the different outfits 🙂

sigh, asian and their jumping poses…






I dunno what I was thinking when I edited these pics, kiiinda too much..SORRY T T

Le Rainbow

31 Mar

Easter break soon!! That means…TRAVEL TIME!!! hmm, where to go?!

Le Finland trip!

30 Mar

I think this is my most traveling-intense year of all time @@ London x2, Finland, Riga, Denmark, Taiwan, South Korea and still planning to go to other places… At least my camera is happy! Oh and I’m Happy too!!! 😀

So, as the title says, this post is about my finland trip last weekend! Well actually more like 30h cruise trip and 5h Finland trip lol

Pretty Helsinki…Cold as hell = =

Seriously, no edit!! I can’t believe it lol


wehooo, the only edited one is the 3rd one, the rest I just adjusted the light 🙂 I’M HAPPY ♥