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31 May

Oral Presentation:

You presentation isn’t too long when your classmates starts to find other things interesting during ur presentation, you presentation is too long when you start to get sick of hearing you own voice babbling.

Since my friends from Taiwan are here in Sweden these days, I wanted to leave earlier from when I and my group made the powerpoint to our presentation. Of course I offered myself to do the ppt later when I got back home, they just had to choose what they wanted to say and leave what they didn’t want to say to me.

Bad idea.

I got the last part which was soooo long and I had difficulty shortening it since it had a lot of essential things. So I ended up talking and talking and talking…It felt like it would never end…ugh! BUT ANYWAYS I’m (almost) free now! No more school til next weeks exam, I’m a happy girl!

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave.  The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.  ~Dale Carnegie



29 May

Last week, two of my Taiwanese friends came to Sweden to visit me! I have been having super fun, but honestly, balancing school, fun and sleep seems like an impossible task! I want to have more than 24hrs/day… Maybe 30hrs/day would be more appropriate for me lol. Just like a professor at school said “You don’t have time? That is pure BS, time is something you have so much of, it just depends on how you prioritate(?!) the tasks you need to do!” I was very eager to agree with him, but now I’m a bit doubtful, time is never enough even if i prioritate (srsly need to check if that word even exsist…)!!

No photos this time, but a vid (my new addiction):

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men:  time.”  ~Napoleon I, Maxims, 1815

Good Night

24 May

I’ve been playing this lovely song before  going to bed for a ouple of  days, and I think I’ve been sleeping better cause of the song (ofc I haven’t lol). Anyways, I thought I should share it here, not that it is a number to brag with, fml, but still hope someONE will see this (omg so lonely lol)

Good night! Can’t wait ’til school’s over, then I can devote myself to one of my many hobbies – Sleeping.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”.  ~Irish Proverb


22 May

In high school I majored in design and a mandatory project was to create a collection of at least 3 garnments. That was probably one of the most intense, stressed, saddest, happiest, weirdest period of my life. Designing was so much fun, yet it gave us so much psychic pressure that some of us could wake up in the middle of the night all covered in sweat, panicking about the collection. I was one of them. But it turned out great and i was really proud of what i had managed to design and sew! I’m not the most fashion forward person, but I must admit that i love clothes and the design that lies behind it. Every designed garnment have a story to tell, a feeling to express, that’s why fashion is so amazingly wonderful ^^

This is a vid someone posted on youtube, before watching I just want to clarify that i was majoring in design, not fashion. As I look back at the collection now, of course there are many things I want to change, but i’m still happy about it!

This is my collection last semester of high school 2010 “Next stop, Happiness”

Today, we got the chance to see this year’s seniors collections and I’m so proud of them! Their sewing techniques and designs were really great!

So happy to see some of my old classmates!
We even got drinks and CUPCAKES, i was in heaven wtf

One of many pretty garnments!

“What a strange power there is in clothing.”  ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


21 May

A friend of mine gave me a small piece of dotted fabric a long, long time ago (just for fun), and I never bothered to do anything with it until yesterday. At first i had a supercute silver ring with a bow on it, but the metal was too weak and it broke, so i just had a plain ring left. That was when i thought of the piece of fabric and after a couple of minutes of sewing and gluing I had a new ring with a bow on it! Kinda lame DIY project, but I had fun and I love the outcome!

My new ring

(Ugh, this pic reminds me of how badly i need to re-dye my hair = =)

Actually, I lost the bow just one hour after I took this pic lol but then i found it again, apparently it fell off my ring when i reached for something in my bag, so all I had to do was just to put the bow om the ring again!

After my last exam I’ll definitely make more accessories similar to this! This is such a simple way to make make one’s outfit a bit more interesting!

But still:

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”  ~Janet Lane


18 May

Camera: Sony a230

Photo: Grace H

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”  ~Hans Hofmann

By my side

17 May

“I live my daydreams in music.”  ~Albert Einstein


16 May

Pic from

Why post a pic of a Canon EOS 550D/T2i with 18-55mm lens, 18mpix, ISO 100-6400 (expansion to 12800), exposure compensation +/-5 stops, Full HD movie recording with manual control and selectable frame rates?

Well, cause I just bought one! My mom saw an ad in the newspaper about this shop having “crazy monday-sale” with wonderful prices on cameras only available today, and when i found the 550D i couldn’t resist buying it. Hopefully I can try it out in 1-2 days, I can’t wait!

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  -Ansel Adams

After rain comes the sun

15 May

A couple of days ago it was raining, and right after the rain the sun came out so I couldn’t resist taking some pics. I love macro-pics, but i’m just using my standard 18-55mm lens and my cameras macro setting isn’t really what I want it to be.

Or it could be me being bad at taking pics haha.

Camera: Sony a230

Photo: Grace H

Well, obviously the last one isn’t macro, but i love how the sun makes the petals look so thin and fragile.

When my heart is heavy, the sun helps make it light.”  ~Astrid Alauda

11may11 Design

11 May
Wordle: Untitled
Wordcloud for what design means to me

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