22 May

In high school I majored in design and a mandatory project was to create a collection of at least 3 garnments. That was probably one of the most intense, stressed, saddest, happiest, weirdest period of my life. Designing was so much fun, yet it gave us so much psychic pressure that some of us could wake up in the middle of the night all covered in sweat, panicking about the collection. I was one of them. But it turned out great and i was really proud of what i had managed to design and sew! I’m not the most fashion forward person, but I must admit that i love clothes and the design that lies behind it. Every designed garnment have a story to tell, a feeling to express, that’s why fashion is so amazingly wonderful ^^

This is a vid someone posted on youtube, before watching I just want to clarify that i was majoring in design, not fashion. As I look back at the collection now, of course there are many things I want to change, but i’m still happy about it!

This is my collection last semester of high school 2010 “Next stop, Happiness”

Today, we got the chance to see this year’s seniors collections and I’m so proud of them! Their sewing techniques and designs were really great!

So happy to see some of my old classmates!
We even got drinks and CUPCAKES, i was in heaven wtf

One of many pretty garnments!

“What a strange power there is in clothing.”  ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


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