Jumbo Stay Hostel

6 Jun

The topic for our latest essay is to study and analyze a touristcompany’s business concept, we chose to study Jumbo Stay Hostel ‘s business concept. As a part of writing that essay my group and I went to Jumbo Stay Hostel at Stockholm Arlanda International Airport to interview the initiator of the hostel, Oscar Diös.

I must say, when this course started I wasn’t familiar with the airplane-hostel-concept, I didn’t react to it. But when we arrived to the hostel I was totally blown away! The exterior and interior was so well thought of and all the details made the concept outstanding. Instead of babbling about it I thought I should share some pics I took that day:

The first stop was at Arlanda Airport terminal 2, where we got on a shuttle bus that would take us directly to the hostel. Placing the hostel 5 minutes away from the airport was really strategic!

Isn’t it amazing??

The view from the balcony

The café

One of the suites. I love how they didn’t remove the control panel, it takes the experience to a whole new level. It becomes accommodation and experience in one package.

The owner even told us that they plan to make room for more guests, and since there’s no more space left inside the plane to make more rooms, they are planning to use the planes engine/turbine and turn them ite small rooms. That is just brilliant! This response to the increasing competition between accommodations is awesome, I’m so amazed of how creative people can be!

A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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