8 Jun

When last course ended my friends and I were so tired of everything; the weather, school, writing essays and so on. The last seminar was on a thursday, two days earlier (thuesday) we decided to go on a 40hr cruise to Finland right after the seminar ended. the cruise we booked allowed us to stay in Finland for about 7hrs for some sightseeing.

I ❤ spontaneity! One of my dreams is to pack a bag with some clothes and then just head to the airport and check if they have any last minutes tickets. I’ll definitely do that this summer!

Back to topic! I’m gonna mix some of my pics with some of my friend James’ pics:

Trying to do a human replica of the painting on the ground, pretty fail tho! (somewhere in Stockholm)

This is the view from our cabin in the boat. The corridor on the pic was the main road on the boat and it had everything a pedestrian street in any big city have (restaurants, shops, boutiques, bars, casinos and so on)After we were done exploring the pedestrian street we went to have dinner at the buffet restaurant! I could barely walk when we left the place, the food was so delicious so we just kept eating and eating. After dinner we all, except for one, had to pay the toilet a visit lols.

At midnight a really talented group of performers had a show in one of the clubs.


Poser #2

Random shots on the boat!

When we finally arrived in Finland we were greeted by super nice weather!

We found an “apocalypse church” after a while and we would probably be very interested if it weren’t for the lack of sleep (we spent our 7hrs in Finland sleeping on the stairs infront of the church).

I found my future hubby in Finland!

And that was pretty much my weekendtrip!

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.”  ~Robert Louis Stevenson


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