15 Jun

I’m a Taiwanese born and raised in Sweden, and I love both countries. But as we all know, both countries have their flaws. I never thought this was on of Taiwans flaws:

Context: Subway in Taipei, Taiwan, a girl sitting on one of the seats that are reserved for elderly, injured, pregnant (simply ppl who needs to sit down whilst taking the subway), an old man wants to sit and the girl gets mad and start to yell at the man.

Of all of the times I’ve been in Taiwan I’ve always met nice and polite ppl, it’s almost as if it’s a competition of who can offer a “disabled” person a seat first. But this…WTF has happened?! For those who don’t speak mandarin, the girl is using some really nasty words/phrases like 80% of  the clip, so effing disrespectful! I was so angry at the girl and felt so sorry for the man that I couldn’t even finish watching the clip. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?!

And most importantly, why didn’t anyone help that man?! Everyone just stood there, trying to look as if they are minding their own business, but in the reality they were listening very carefully to every word that was exchanged between the girl and the man, and at the same time trying to sneak a peak when it was “appropriate”.

This clip really makes me dissapointed on mankind, both in terms of rudeness and the lack of moral courage.


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