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Hualien/Yilan pt3

31 Aug

Another stop we made in our trip was at a really cute and charming flowershop, it was kinda random, but I had plenty of time to take photos so I didn’t complain as much as my bro lols.

Haha cuuute cactus!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  ~Confucius


Hualien/Yilan pt2

30 Aug

On the second day of my short Hualien/Yilan trip we went to a lot of places that were famous for their picturesque sceneries. As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the slow pace that life seemed to have there, I felt like I didn’t had any worries at all!

We stopped at a national park were we borrowed bikes and biked around and just chilled. If only everyday was like this!

I really like the contrast between the city and the nature and how they look like they are in harmony.

Thanks to jiejie for helping me take this pic!

We found a supercute garbage container!

“I would not exchange my leisure hours for all the wealth in the world.”  ~Comte de Mirabeau


30 Aug

When I woke up today I was hella confused, I didn’t even know where I was! I’m serious, I thought I was going mental because of the shock of not knowing what was going on or where I was…

After taking a couple of deep breath I realised that I was in the real world, that my sleep had been inceptioned wtf… The thing was that I had a dream, and that dream started with me waking up from a really good dream. And when I woke up from the dream within the dream (lol) I was facing scenario that would be impossible in the real world, but it just felt so right that I didn’t even notice that. And I was sosososooo happy in that dream, so when I woke up disapointment AND reality bitch-slapped me in the face so hard felt like I was gonna die.

This stupid inceptionized dream fk’d up my whole day, because I was wondering all day long if this was another dream or not…And I was really confused about what that dream meant cause…well yea…I don’t know. Anyone who konws how to interpretate dreams?! please help me! T.T


(Pic taken in Hualien 2011)

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.”  ~The Talmud

Hualien/Yilan part1

29 Aug

Right after going back to Taiwan we went on a guided tour with my relatives to Hualien and Yilan (East side of Taiwan)! This trip was kind of special for me, because for me Taiwan is a very crowded and intense country, but going to Hualien and Yilan I was introduced to the slow and more chill side of Taiwan, and it was really nice!

Apparently, if you  ask for a room for four in Hualien you will get a room with three double beds.. well, we didn’t complain!

This is the view from our tour bus. Usually I sleep as soon as I get on a vehicle,  but the view was so amazing I couldn’t stop looking!

(sepia) We went to a mountain and just walked and walked up different stairs, I think i walked as much as I walk for one week when I’m in Sweden @@ The funny thing about the mountain was that the signal was super good there!! I could even log on to facebook! lols

More stairs…

We really appreciated how they saw tourism as a source of income, but didn’t try to modify the nature after the tourist ans make it more tourism-friendly. It was really nice to see a tourist destination that isn’t ruined by tourism, it actually became their charm! Finally someone who understands the concept of sustainable tourism! (Tho I acutally hit my head in a tree when I was trying to multitask and walk and take photos at the same time…)

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.”  ~Henrik Tikkanen

Snälla bli min

28 Aug

My current Good Nite-song!

“I live my daydreams in music” ~Albert Einstein


26 Aug

The day before we left Taiwan we went to a korean restaurant again, this time they had real korean BBQ and someone to barbeque it all for us! This was a restaurant in a shopping mall in Taoyuan, and not that I’m complaining about the first restaurant, but this had a more restaurant-y feel than the first one which was kinda obvious cause the first one was in a food court.

Clean and fresh!

1st side dish: glass noodles

2nd side dish: Kimchi (duh)

All of the side dishes, I was full by just eating them fml

THE meat, soooooooo good!! I get hungry by just looking at it.. T.T


Nian Gao! I only know the chinese name of this korean dish…fml

These poor crabs looked like they were smiling while being boiled and prepared to be ingested by us. I couldn’t bear to eat that T.T

But seriously, I could travel to Korea just to eat their food! My uni has partner uni’s in both Korea and Japan and I had a really hard time to decide which country i wanted to go to until recently when I’ve been eating more and more korean-inspired food! Sushi is delicious, but thanks to certain friends who convince us to have sushi like once a week I’m kind of tired of it lol

Of course there are more variables that made me choose Korea over Japan, but those are confidential 😉

“I eat merely to put food out of my mind.”  ~N.F. Simpson


26 Aug

When in Sweden, My mom and I are hardcore (korean) drama fans, we watch the same series by ourselves and then we discuss what we like the most/least about them. Most of the time we disagree with each other about everything (if the male lead is hot, if the cellfone is cute, if the clothes are pretty etc), but one thing that we ALWAYS have the same opinion about is the FOOD they eat. Everything seems so delicious!! But since the ingredients are kind of hard to find/expensive, we can’t make our own korean food (mom’s the one making, i’m the one eating lol).

So, one of the first things we did in Taiwan this year was to go to a korean restaurant!

This is at restaurant Bannchan at Taipei main station. Before we ordered we got small dishes of kimchi, bean sprouts and other vegetables pickled with different seasonings.

My mom ordered some kind of meat that was supposed to be eaten wrapped in salad.

I had some sort of seafood pancake!

I’ve always loved asian food, but I’ve lived in Sweden my whole life, so I basically go around craving for asian food (the ones that aren’t available here) 10 months every year until I can go to asia and pig out lol.

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”  ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

Deja vú

26 Aug

I’m sure you’re all tired of this, but imma post another flower pic! This is a pic a friend asked me to take for him bacause he wanted to send it to his girlfriend, such a nice gesture from him isn’t it?!


25 Aug

Totally random, but oh so addicting


24 Aug

As I mentioned earlier,  my hair was in desperate need of being re-dyed, so the day after I arrived in Taiwan I went to a hair salon to get a new hair colour.

This is what my hair looked like before, my original hair colour vs the dyed one.

I asked for some shades lighter than my current hair colour, just like Lena on this issue of ViVi  Magazine. I was really looking forward to change hair colour and I was already imagining how it would look like and how i would style it. I  was gonna be as pretty as Lena! (no shame wtf)

pic from

And this is what I got… I got period in my hair = = excause me but HOOOOW is this lighter than my brownish hair?!

I’m so upset I’m not even gonna share a quote! T.T