I’m back!!

21 Aug

Well actually, I got back 15 days ago but I haven’t been at home so much that I could update, not that many ppl actually read it but yea! And plus, sometimes I like to not just write about my life but to actually live it (: Haha I’m good at coming up with excuses, rite?? Because the actual reason to the very modest amount of post recently is that I’m…lazy…

Oh well, summer’s over and no more laziness (as if…). Of the following posts here probably 90% will be about my trip to Ilha Formosa, Taiwan, beacuse I think I just had the best summer of my life there. <- that’s only the following posts tho, this post will end here!!

Oh right, just in case you forgot me here’s a picture lol

From the china-trip, no make up with a face of pimples BUT with re-dyed blonde-turned-red hair (another story that will be told…someday)

Before ending this post for real I just have to share a song that I really, really like. It’s a guitar-cover someone made of the taiwanese band Mayday’s song 而我知道/And I know. Enjoy!

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”

~Sam Keen 


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