23 Aug

Ever since I watched A moment to rememeber I’ve been so emo…ok no la I’ve been part time-emo ever since i left Taiwan. Like on the days when I’m with friends everything is normal and I have lots and lots of fun but then when I get back home and I’m alone I can get all depressed and stare out of the window like I’m in a movie wtf.. no but seriously I ‘ve met some really awesome ppl this yr and it was really sad that I had to say goodbye to them, because I don’t know f I’ll ever meet them again fml >.<

Anyhow, u know there’s a Like-page on fb with a saying that’s “I wish music played during epic moments of my life and not just in movies”? this would be one of the songs played when I’m all emo:

“A goodbye isn’t painful unless you’re never going to say hello again.”  ~Author Unknown


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