Hualien/Yilan part1

29 Aug

Right after going back to Taiwan we went on a guided tour with my relatives to Hualien and Yilan (East side of Taiwan)! This trip was kind of special for me, because for me Taiwan is a very crowded and intense country, but going to Hualien and Yilan I was introduced to the slow and more chill side of Taiwan, and it was really nice!

Apparently, if you  ask for a room for four in Hualien you will get a room with three double beds.. well, we didn’t complain!

This is the view from our tour bus. Usually I sleep as soon as I get on a vehicle,  but the view was so amazing I couldn’t stop looking!

(sepia) We went to a mountain and just walked and walked up different stairs, I think i walked as much as I walk for one week when I’m in Sweden @@ The funny thing about the mountain was that the signal was super good there!! I could even log on to facebook! lols

More stairs…

We really appreciated how they saw tourism as a source of income, but didn’t try to modify the nature after the tourist ans make it more tourism-friendly. It was really nice to see a tourist destination that isn’t ruined by tourism, it actually became their charm! Finally someone who understands the concept of sustainable tourism! (Tho I acutally hit my head in a tree when I was trying to multitask and walk and take photos at the same time…)

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.”  ~Henrik Tikkanen


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