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No life

30 Sep

gah, due to working and studying 12hrs/day my everyday dresscode went from floral dresses to something not even worthy to be called casual T.T I dun even have the strength to coordinate clothes in the morning. I wake up, go to school, then to work, come home, eat dinner, watch an episode of a korean drama and then go to bed. And on top of that I’ve gotten a lot of blemishes on my face.. my face looks like a frikkin starry sky, in a bad way, I swear you could find all of the asters on my face, but instead of starts you will be connecting zits….

 srsly… I need help T.T or at least give me photoshop IRL!!

Dear “problem of the privileged”, I hate you.



26 Sep

I’m acutally gonna spare ur ears and not sing. The title referred to my last assignment at school. Our assignment was to make CD Covers using photoshop, and I was frikking delighted to hear that, at least until they said that we only could choose between like 20 pics to use… srsly, what kind of limitation is that T.T

Anyways, since I needed to hurry to work I kinda just threw something together. I promise I will try to do better next time 🙂

So the limitations included size, resolution, sides and so on… blah blah. They had so many limitations.. like I had to have at least 5 titles of the tracks on the back, and I was to have two panels on each side on the back that were 6.5mm and both of them needed to have the singer’s name and the album’s name on it <- which I thot was kinda ugly, but that’s just me…

Anyways, here it is!


Because I didn’t have a lot time, I just took the titles of some random songs in my phone and mixed it lol


nao u get what I mean with the ugly sides?! Totally ruined my pic! T.T

The original pic.

Will upload a vid of what I did, not that anyone cares, but yea 🙂

Sunshine Girl

22 Sep

I’m addicted

Moumoon – Sunshine Girl


19 Sep

The theme of the lecture I had at school today was Design, and I realised how much I missed creating things! So when I got back home I looked thru my closet for some things to re-do, and i found a pair of  denim jeans! Well, they aren’t really mine, they belong to my brother, but since he’s still growing, unlike me fml, he donates his old clothes to me. It means that I, the older sister, am wearing hand-me-downs from my younger brother, and they actually fit. Wether he’s the skinny one or I’m the fat one is left for others to decide lol. No la, I like wearing guys clothes, they are really comfortable, perfect for a lazy day at school.

Anyways! I cut the jeans into shorts and decided to add something more cause they looked frikkin plain. That was when I found a box of different laces! *lightbulb*

I’m in love with antique and lomo-styled photos and I had been searching for any software to download/buy without result. Today, I finally found it, right in the photo editing software i have been using this past yr fml, so yea…u’ll see a lot of antique and lomo-styled pics in the future kekekee


After. And yes, it was quite awkward taking pics of my crotch, in case u wondered.

Close-up on the lace, it’s not the best one but I didn’t find my prettiest lace until I was done fml

Yes, I am standing on a bag…we dun wear shoes indoor in Sweden, plus, I have a broadloom in my room and dust and other crap get stuck very easily AND it’s frikking annoying to vacuum it all the time >.< AND I just realised I still haven’t removed the pricetag from my shoe lol they are new, I bought them yesterday!

Earlier this month I also made a laptop case to my…laptop (duh)

And this was th first laptop case I made. I slaughtered an old winter jacket and used its stuffing to protect my laptop. Recycling ftw!

Too bad imma work so much this week, cause I have soo many ideas of what I wanna create/re-do!

Moumoon – Moonlight

19 Sep

Less stress to the ppl! (:

Mini project

17 Sep

Our Mini project is finally done!! I’m so happy i got in the same group as Helena, Felicia and Peter, it was frikkin awesum to work you and I had a lot of fun! 🙂

So basically our professor made us listen to different sounds and write down our associations and then use those associations to make a vid with pics and music. This was an exercise to train our skills in editing in Photoshop and Windows Live Moviemaker. Btw, we only got one day to shoot and a couple of hours to edit everything <- STRESS! But I really like how it turned out!

oh rite… All of the soundtracks used in this vid belongs to their rightful owners!

Special thanks to Gustav!


If u clicked the vid and got to my youtube channel…well… dun care about my youtube’s… well…fml.

Hualien pt2b

13 Sep

After the lunch in Hualien/Taitung we went down to the beach!

No word vomit, only pics today! (Actually I’m just lazy…)

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.”  ~Moshe Dayan


11 Sep

Wishing everyone a happy mid-autumn festival! 🙂

The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節), also known as the Moon Festival or ZhongqiuFestival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by ChineseTaiwanese, and Vietnamese people. Dating back over 3,000 years to moon worship in China‘s Shang Dynasty, it was first called Zhongqiu Jie (literally “Mid-Autumn Festival”) in the Zhou Dynasty.[1] In Malaysia,Singapore, and the Philippines, it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival orMooncake Festival.

(I copied it from wikipedia >:D)

Hualien pt2a

11 Sep

Pau’s aunt made a lunch reservation at a restaurant on the 2nd day of our trip. So we drove from Hualien and almost all the way down to Taitung, and it was amazing! The road was located next to the seashore and the view was so stunning, Ken even had trouble focusing on the road from time to time. As we drove we listened to a CD we found in the car, it was a taiwanese aboriginal group’s CD and it was sso relaxing just listening to their songs and looking out of the window.

Please play the vid before scrolling down! 🙂

One of the song’s lyrics, a bit hard to follow but they we’re all really good cause they gave the right road trip-feeling 😀

Real pics will come, but first… one useless random hey-I’m-on-a-road-trip-and-I’m-camwhoring-in-the-backseat-pic!

Time for some real pics!

Look at the rearview mirror!

The map, our best friend through-out the trip!!

The welcome sign at the restaurant

The view was…omg…



I can’t any words to describe how beautiful it was! I’m so glad I brought my camera! I have tons and tons of pics of the view, but I think imma stop there before someone gets bored lol

Our reservation was “SWEDEN, 4 guests” haha 🙂


Everything was pre-ordered by Pau’s aunt (once again, Thank you soo much!!) and it was really delicious!

Rice with taro flakes.

The restaurant had a super cute pet piglet, which came to us for some food several times.

Ok this post needa be divided in two because a) I don’t want to make it too long, and b) I need to sleep so I won’t fall asleep at work tomorrow lol


Hualien – Again!

9 Sep

When ken came to Taiwan we decided to show him another side of Taiwan than just the vibrant capital city, so… We went to Hualien!

And Pau’s aunt was so kind she lent us her car so we could move around freely in Hualien!

Hualien is really beautiful, this is actually just a random pic i took when we were driving to the house we were gonna live in (thank you Pau’s aunt!).

A Pic from a restaurnt we went to. Ken borrowed my camera and took it, credits to him! I love this pic, it’s really nice and moody

Another pic that Ken took

After dinner we went to nan Bing Night Market and released lantern at the beach nearby.

Hope the one who gets our wishes is able to read swedish, english and chinese lol

ken’s wish was the funniest one, he wished to gain weight so he would weight 72KG!

After releasing the lantern we had some fun with the shutter speed on my camera. At first we tried with our cellphones, and it sucked. So we bought sparklers instead!

Failed attempt at 1337 lol

Pedobear lol

I failed D:

I have a confession to make, I’m a…serial killer. And I kill for fun.

I kill…cockroaches lol

The first night was chaos…No one had lived in the house we stayed in for three months…correction, no human being had been living there for three months, only bugs and frikkin COCKROACHES >.< we spent the first night TRYING to find and KILL those frikkin #&/”¤!! And I was the one who stopmed them to death! It wasn’t because I was the fattest of us all (well at least i dun think I am lol), it was because they all refused to do it!! So, i ran around in the house with on shoe, screaming like a crazy person as I stomped on those gross things. Gosh..the feeling of a crushed cockroach under ur shoe is so nice yet so disgusting lol
After the killing spree we unpacked…like everything. Four teenagers alone in a house…srsly it felt soooooooo good just throwing things where we wanted!