Touristing(?) in Taipei

6 Sep

After coming back from Hualien and Yilan our friend Ken came from china to visit us! (well actually, he’s just an asian kid living in sweden like me lol). The hostel was totally fked up and gave him the wrong adress, making us think he was swindled AND making him nervous cause he didn’t have ant place to stay for the first days of his visit. Pau and I ran around like crazy looking for free wifi-spots so we could find the number to the hostel, srsly…we looked quite stupid running around with frustrated/confused faces whilst holding our phones high up in the air <– trying to contact any aliens?! lol

But yea, eventually it worked out and we went to Shilin night market for dinner!

Crowded as usual

Hotpot for dinner!!!♥

Random vain pic of me… (uneven eyebrows ftw)

We met Mithelle and her friends in Danshui and went for a biking tour. Pau and I shared a tandem and took turns in trying to steer that crazy thing. When it was my turn, I steered for about half an hour and got frikking tired and then suddenly my knee looked like this:

I lost control over the bike and we both fell…I feel so bad for pau cause she fell and started bleeding too >.< Actually none of us remember what happened after we fell. I just knew that we were lying on the ground and suddenly some random ppl were helping us to clean our wounds with a saline(?) solution that hurt more than falling. We were crying like mad T.T

After getting our wounds fixed we had some ice cream to cheer ourselves up… Shaved ice with mango WOHO!

A cute girl selling stuff 🙂

SOGO department store

Ximen Ding, our last stop in our one day taipei trip!


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