Maokong Gondola

8 Sep

The last post was…emo… But I’m okay now!!! Here are some pics of when we took the Maokong Godola in Taiwan!

Some of the gondolas had glass flooring(sp?!) and tbh, it was quite scary. The three of us refused to look on the floor cause we’re frikkin cowards FOL T.T And yes, that is Pau’s wounds from when I lost control over the tandem…feel so bad for her T.T

It was A LOT higher than what the pic illustrates! It felt like we we’re 100m above the ground@@

the view from the gondola! (Taipei 101 in the background)

We arrived to the top and saw some slightly confusing and overwhelming signs… We looked at the signs for a moment and went “wtf just walk” and took a random path.

So we ended up at a small café and had some desserts. I had frikkin Mango juice with cheesecake! ♥♥♥


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