Hualien – Again!

9 Sep

When ken came to Taiwan we decided to show him another side of Taiwan than just the vibrant capital city, so… We went to Hualien!

And Pau’s aunt was so kind she lent us her car so we could move around freely in Hualien!

Hualien is really beautiful, this is actually just a random pic i took when we were driving to the house we were gonna live in (thank you Pau’s aunt!).

A Pic from a restaurnt we went to. Ken borrowed my camera and took it, credits to him! I love this pic, it’s really nice and moody

Another pic that Ken took

After dinner we went to nan Bing Night Market and released lantern at the beach nearby.

Hope the one who gets our wishes is able to read swedish, english and chinese lol

ken’s wish was the funniest one, he wished to gain weight so he would weight 72KG!

After releasing the lantern we had some fun with the shutter speed on my camera. At first we tried with our cellphones, and it sucked. So we bought sparklers instead!

Failed attempt at 1337 lol

Pedobear lol

I failed D:

I have a confession to make, I’m a…serial killer. And I kill for fun.

I kill…cockroaches lol

The first night was chaos…No one had lived in the house we stayed in for three months…correction, no human being had been living there for three months, only bugs and frikkin COCKROACHES >.< we spent the first night TRYING to find and KILL those frikkin #&/”¤!! And I was the one who stopmed them to death! It wasn’t because I was the fattest of us all (well at least i dun think I am lol), it was because they all refused to do it!! So, i ran around in the house with on shoe, screaming like a crazy person as I stomped on those gross things. Gosh..the feeling of a crushed cockroach under ur shoe is so nice yet so disgusting lol
After the killing spree we unpacked…like everything. Four teenagers alone in a house…srsly it felt soooooooo good just throwing things where we wanted!

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