Hualien pt2a

11 Sep

Pau’s aunt made a lunch reservation at a restaurant on the 2nd day of our trip. So we drove from Hualien and almost all the way down to Taitung, and it was amazing! The road was located next to the seashore and the view was so stunning, Ken even had trouble focusing on the road from time to time. As we drove we listened to a CD we found in the car, it was a taiwanese aboriginal group’s CD and it was sso relaxing just listening to their songs and looking out of the window.

Please play the vid before scrolling down! 🙂

One of the song’s lyrics, a bit hard to follow but they we’re all really good cause they gave the right road trip-feeling 😀

Real pics will come, but first… one useless random hey-I’m-on-a-road-trip-and-I’m-camwhoring-in-the-backseat-pic!

Time for some real pics!

Look at the rearview mirror!

The map, our best friend through-out the trip!!

The welcome sign at the restaurant

The view was…omg…



I can’t any words to describe how beautiful it was! I’m so glad I brought my camera! I have tons and tons of pics of the view, but I think imma stop there before someone gets bored lol

Our reservation was “SWEDEN, 4 guests” haha 🙂


Everything was pre-ordered by Pau’s aunt (once again, Thank you soo much!!) and it was really delicious!

Rice with taro flakes.

The restaurant had a super cute pet piglet, which came to us for some food several times.

Ok this post needa be divided in two because a) I don’t want to make it too long, and b) I need to sleep so I won’t fall asleep at work tomorrow lol



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