19 Sep

The theme of the lecture I had at school today was Design, and I realised how much I missed creating things! So when I got back home I looked thru my closet for some things to re-do, and i found a pair of  denim jeans! Well, they aren’t really mine, they belong to my brother, but since he’s still growing, unlike me fml, he donates his old clothes to me. It means that I, the older sister, am wearing hand-me-downs from my younger brother, and they actually fit. Wether he’s the skinny one or I’m the fat one is left for others to decide lol. No la, I like wearing guys clothes, they are really comfortable, perfect for a lazy day at school.

Anyways! I cut the jeans into shorts and decided to add something more cause they looked frikkin plain. That was when I found a box of different laces! *lightbulb*

I’m in love with antique and lomo-styled photos and I had been searching for any software to download/buy without result. Today, I finally found it, right in the photo editing software i have been using this past yr fml, so yea…u’ll see a lot of antique and lomo-styled pics in the future kekekee


After. And yes, it was quite awkward taking pics of my crotch, in case u wondered.

Close-up on the lace, it’s not the best one but I didn’t find my prettiest lace until I was done fml

Yes, I am standing on a bag…we dun wear shoes indoor in Sweden, plus, I have a broadloom in my room and dust and other crap get stuck very easily AND it’s frikking annoying to vacuum it all the time >.< AND I just realised I still haven’t removed the pricetag from my shoe lol they are new, I bought them yesterday!

Earlier this month I also made a laptop case to my…laptop (duh)

And this was th first laptop case I made. I slaughtered an old winter jacket and used its stuffing to protect my laptop. Recycling ftw!

Too bad imma work so much this week, cause I have soo many ideas of what I wanna create/re-do!


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