26 Sep

I’m acutally gonna spare ur ears and not sing. The title referred to my last assignment at school. Our assignment was to make CD Covers using photoshop, and I was frikking delighted to hear that, at least until they said that we only could choose between like 20 pics to use… srsly, what kind of limitation is that T.T

Anyways, since I needed to hurry to work I kinda just threw something together. I promise I will try to do better next time 🙂

So the limitations included size, resolution, sides and so on… blah blah. They had so many limitations.. like I had to have at least 5 titles of the tracks on the back, and I was to have two panels on each side on the back that were 6.5mm and both of them needed to have the singer’s name and the album’s name on it <- which I thot was kinda ugly, but that’s just me…

Anyways, here it is!


Because I didn’t have a lot time, I just took the titles of some random songs in my phone and mixed it lol


nao u get what I mean with the ugly sides?! Totally ruined my pic! T.T

The original pic.

Will upload a vid of what I did, not that anyone cares, but yea 🙂


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