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Facing the future, we treasure the past

28 Oct


Morning glory

24 Oct

I was not happy waking up at 6 just to go to work on a sunday morning, but the light was really pretty and I couldnt resist stopping on my way to work to take some pics!

Later today I found some pretty flowers


Merry Christmas,Mr Lawrence

21 Oct

A friend shared this on facebook today, and I’ve been replaying it ever since! It’s such  beautiful song and I doubt you can listen to it without feeling the slightest touched. If u can, then I dunno what’s wrong with u jkjk 🙂

A post full of Grace

21 Oct

oh look at the title….that was so p(h)un!

omg, nolifeandforeveralone fml .___.

I’m finally starting to understand the great thing about owning a blog, cause the blog is the best excuse to post camwhore pics!

15 Oct

“A goodbye isn’t painful unless you’re never going to say hello again” -Author unknown

Happy Birthday, Dear♥

10 Oct

10:10 10/10/11

Today is a very special day, cause today it’s Taiwans 100th birthday!! Happy Birthday, my dearest country, IU!

I love Taiwan…

…because of the variety of  delicious food it offers…

…the picturesque landscapes…

…the mix of old and…

…and new…

(thnx to Darren for the pic)

…I also love how taiwanese ppl hide from the sun as much as possible…

…and are still able to become like this…

…and lastly, I love my taiwanese friends!

Taiwan, forever in my heart

Oh I almost forgot, Taiwan has a lot of cute boys too LOL

noshame wtf…

Hello life!

7 Oct

Sunshine in my heart

6 Oct

Cause I heard today was gonna be frikkin cold and grey, I took the chance to take some last pics with the sun as light source.

My mom’s oddly shaped flower was really charming!

It’s such a shame for us to part

4 Oct


4 Oct

I looked thru some old pics and found some pics that I took last month!

This is one of the reasons why I love to be in our garden –> Pics that don’t need any re-touch are the best!

Obviously some of these are edited