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The day has eyes; the night has ears.

27 Nov

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25 Nov

It’s now officially less than one month left til Christmas…not okay. At all.

A November morning

25 Nov

Maybe I should be late for chinese class every saturday morning, cause the light is very nice!

Some water drops on the bench. In some kind of way they look so pure and innocent, really cute!

Conlusion of this post: I need to clean my lens T.T

China – last pt

16 Nov

Hopefully this is the last time I will write about china lols..

All of the buildings were so..big, and there were ppl everywhere…! I swear, half of the time we were in china we were queuing for something! The following pics shows the unique moments when I could be photographed without drowning in the mass..

The bird’s nest! (last tourist pic, I promise!)

And I thought they were kidding…

I have something in common with Jackie Chan! I can feel the strong connection lol

Sweden doesn’t have Starbucks, so my brother and I overindulged Starbucks every night during our stay!

A sign in the toilet. I would say that ppl should lock the door for other ppl’s convenience too, cause it ain’t fun to walk in on someone who’s pooping. Trust me I know, it’s so frikkin awkward and well.. stinky.

China pt3

16 Nov

One of the days we went to a uninhabited town that wasn’t used for anything else than showing tourists how life back in the days was like. And I must say I think the pics turned out pretty good!^^ What doesn’t show in the pics was how the guides shoved us around in different groups like we were a flock of sheep. To be honest it was quite horrible, we went to a building, the guide talked about it (in about 500words/min with an inappreciative chinese accent) and then rushed to the next building and started talking about it even before the rest of us had reached the building… That happened almost at every tourist attraction we went to. I know sometimes it’s because they need to create a even flow of visitors on the attraction, but they just come of as rude and well.. primitive (in terms of service management).

Ppl say that china is developing very fast and all the good stuff, but when it comes to service management, I would agree with those who say that china is about 10 years behind the rest of the world. These are just my thoughts on my blog, so please don’t get offended, I’m not trying to offend anyone here!

Gosh, I write too much…I blame school for making me word-vomit in every essay lol…Okay, back to the pics!

lol I couldn’t resist posting the last pic…camwhoring also includes posting the pics! (ugh, really need to find a better word for camwhore, that word does NOT sound good…)

China pt2

15 Nov

Some mandatory tourist-pics taken at the great wall! The view was really nice, bus the bus ride to the wall…oh my Buddha… I was trapped in a garbage truck for 4 hours, the sour smell burned all the hair in my nose fml

sporting the FOB-y look

the spelling<3

Kinda steep stairs…suddenly I found the decision to wear a dress that day kinda stupid.

hey look, I can look like a normal human too! lols

Grace x4

11 Nov

lol my last post was just, sad. I’m not like that, I’m very happy!!




China-trip pt1

11 Nov

I’ve finally found some time to post pics from my trip to China! To be honest, I didn’t like it very much, I mean, the architecture was amazing, but the rest was kinda…meh. So basically what I did most of the time was to take photos. Of myself.

To spare everyone from my face I will present to you some of the non ego-pics I took!


Touching the door’s boobies to make a wish (I gave up on trying to be a poet LONG ago).

A happy fishy, unaware of its future as someones nutrition source.

Omg, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I seem so bitter and cold on my recent posts…I’m hoping being a jerk is just a phase I’m going thru cause I’m starting to get really sick of myself >.<

The difference between food and food

11 Nov

So yeah, if the last post made u hungry this one will def not!

These pics were taken during my china-trip earlier this year and well, me and my brother didn’t eat a lot during our 5 days in Beijing…

Normal food!! Don’t know what’s in it tho…I don’t think I want to know haha

I’d like ppl to have the image of me as an independent, strong and brave superwoman who’s pro at multitasking, but everytime I see these pics I turn into this girly girl with squeeky voice who’s incapable of doing anything by myself…lol i think this is my kryptonite!

(And YES, I’m aware of the fact that I’m only showing one side of china’s culinary supply, don’t hate on me :))


8 Nov

I love food so much I’d die without it LOL. I love ordinary food, but it’s the sweets that makes my heart beat faster, cause they aren’t just food for the stomach, they are also food for eyes and soul! When I’m bored I entertain myself by looking at delicious desserts on flickr and trying to imagine how they taste.

Yes, I have no life and will prob be foreveralone with 60cats and 500 books of cupcake recipes haha

Oreo ice cream!


Some mochi-like thing from when I went to China!

It’s easier to blame others than to blame oneself, so imma blame english for being my 2nd language cause I seriously can’t remember what these are called in english fml T.T But…they are delicious!!

I sincerely ask for forgiveness if I made you hungry or start craving for sweets! ^^