8 Nov

I love food so much I’d die without it LOL. I love ordinary food, but it’s the sweets that makes my heart beat faster, cause they aren’t just food for the stomach, they are also food for eyes and soul! When I’m bored I entertain myself by looking at delicious desserts on flickr and trying to imagine how they taste.

Yes, I have no life and will prob be foreveralone with 60cats and 500 books of cupcake recipes haha

Oreo ice cream!


Some mochi-like thing from when I went to China!

It’s easier to blame others than to blame oneself, so imma blame english for being my 2nd language cause I seriously can’t remember what these are called in english fml T.T But…they are delicious!!

I sincerely ask for forgiveness if I made you hungry or start craving for sweets! ^^


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