China pt3

16 Nov

One of the days we went to a uninhabited town that wasn’t used for anything else than showing tourists how life back in the days was like. And I must say I think the pics turned out pretty good!^^ What doesn’t show in the pics was how the guides shoved us around in different groups like we were a flock of sheep. To be honest it was quite horrible, we went to a building, the guide talked about it (in about 500words/min with an inappreciative chinese accent) and then rushed to the next building and started talking about it even before the rest of us had reached the building… That happened almost at every tourist attraction we went to. I know sometimes it’s because they need to create a even flow of visitors on the attraction, but they just come of as rude and well.. primitive (in terms of service management).

Ppl say that china is developing very fast and all the good stuff, but when it comes to service management, I would agree with those who say that china is about 10 years behind the rest of the world. These are just my thoughts on my blog, so please don’t get offended, I’m not trying to offend anyone here!

Gosh, I write too much…I blame school for making me word-vomit in every essay lol…Okay, back to the pics!

lol I couldn’t resist posting the last pic…camwhoring also includes posting the pics! (ugh, really need to find a better word for camwhore, that word does NOT sound good…)


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