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30 Dec

oh, dear mirror pics, how I’ve missed you.

oh btw, gracehsq @Instagram – sucky quality but more updates(:


Candles and stuff

27 Dec

Here we go!

Such a crappy post…I’ll improve I promise T.T

A Christmas-y post pt1

26 Dec

Ohey I’m alive! And I bring with me some new pics which, not very unexpected, are Christmas related! These past days I haven’t had the inspiration to take pics, which made me really stressed since no pics = no update on this crapblog = crapblog gets lost in the world of crapblogs etc etc. I felt like I would never be able to take any pics worthy to post here. Note that the bar is set very low in the first place. So when i say “not worthy” I literally mean pics taken by a monkey.

But then I was like

…and brought DD (I gave my camera a pet name since I dun have time to have a real pet foreveralone.jpg) to a christmas celebration-thingy today. Except the part when ppl looked strangely at me for taking pics of lamps, i would say today turned out pretty nice. And I actually got some nice shots, according to me lololol. So here we go!

omg no editing needed. I love u DD!

 I like…lamps?

ahem. Awkward.


18 Dec

What happened to the Grace who always brought her 550D with her, woke up early, and went out in the bad weather to take photos????

Well, Instagram happened…






f_this.jpg imma go take 550D for a walk tomorrow! (:

I used to uptade frequently…

16 Dec

…But then I took an arrow in the knee.

Exams, essays, work and stuff at school made me all:

And then I said F this sht (didn’t find the pic fml ><) and went on 9gag.

And never got outta there… still, at this very moment, I’m on 9gag…





I need help… = =

But ohey! I found some pics from the past summer!(: (don’t remember where this is from tho…I only remember I took it in TW)

I remember! it was at Taroko Gorge!!

This made me miss summer so much!♥

At night

11 Dec

yey me for being too lazy to bring my dear 550D …

ahem… I blame the wind and the low temperature for making me not notice that the whole pic turned out skew… but at least I tried! View from Slussen (Stockholm)

The shadow from the fence made a really nice pattern on the ground!


6 Dec

My current course in school is Media Technology and what is media technology without making an own webpage?

lololol it’s very simple, but that was kinda the feeling i was looking for 🙂

Click me

The site is still under construction cause this is frikkin difficult to make it pretty T.T

addiction x3

4 Dec

Hi my name is Grace, I like to take pics of myself in awkward poses instead of studying…fml

3 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of feelings pt3

2 Dec

3 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of feelings pt2

2 Dec

Yay for part two with the flowers useed at the winter table!

lol we bought some candles at IKEA but we didn’t think of on what we should put them, so i found this jar and filles it with sand to make the candle stable… but hey it worked! (: