A Christmas-y post pt1

26 Dec

Ohey I’m alive! And I bring with me some new pics which, not very unexpected, are Christmas related! These past days I haven’t had the inspiration to take pics, which made me really stressed since no pics = no update on this crapblog = crapblog gets lost in the world of crapblogs etc etc. I felt like I would never be able to take any pics worthy to post here. Note that the bar is set very low in the first place. So when i say “not worthy” I literally mean pics taken by a monkey.

But then I was like

…and brought DD (I gave my camera a pet name since I dun have time to have a real pet foreveralone.jpg) to a christmas celebration-thingy today. Except the part when ppl looked strangely at me for taking pics of lamps, i would say today turned out pretty nice. And I actually got some nice shots, according to me lololol. So here we go!

omg no editing needed. I love u DD!

 I like…lamps?

ahem. Awkward.


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