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A dream has power to poison sleep.

20 Jan

From   ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, “Mutability”

I was gonna post some pics on wordpress yesterday and I saw that all of the other blogs in the news feed was censored, made me all

But today everything was back on track! This really made me realise how much I love my blog and to read other’s blogs…Even if no one is reading this crapblog I still love it so so so so much T.T

eh, back to topic. I found a dream catcher (? (I suck.)) in my room! yay.


ofc I had to edit at least one, turning it into this dreamy and poethic pic. I guess this is the only way I could be poetic without being THAT lame lol.

Oh wait! My latest obsession:




19 Jan

Another shot of some accessories!

make-up free!

17 Jan

This is the make-up free version of the pics (= no editing, only name tag)! I’m still learning about how to set the lightning, but as I only have a 11W lamp from IKEA, I don’t really have much to play with. Any advice are received with much much love!





ok I lied, not entirely make-up free(:


16 Jan

“Hi, I’m a white dotted bow and i’m so special I have be have my own post!”


“Grace never check that everything’s in the post before she hits the publish-button”

For the love of editing pt2

16 Jan


I’ve actually never really reflected about my accessories, I’ve always just bought whatever I thot looked pretty and after I got tired of them I just bought new ones. After shooting them I ‘ve finally realised just how much I really like them and how much I’ve been neglecting them…I feel hella guilty T.T









For the love of editing

15 Jan

Some pics turn out awesome the way they are, some needs the power of editing tools to bring out their beauty:) This is a post from yet another try of being effective and doing school related stuff.

Say hi to my new jewelry stand! First day of work and already carrying shitloads of things.

ohya, I tried that thing with slow shutter speed and zooming again. This time I used a tripod in order to get less shaky pics and even tho it didn’t turn out they way I wanted, I still had lots of fun!


8 Jan

School hasn’t even started yet and I’m already suffocating from all the things i needa do. So, in order to complete the tasks before school starts I made different list with different priorities and dates and stuff. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a hell of a list-maker. The only problem is when I’m about to start, because I never know where to begin. So I usually just

and do something completely different.

My last try on being effective lead to making my shelf a corner for taking pics that turned out like this:

They all kinda look the same, but…..yea:)


7 Jan

Some pics I forgot to put in the earring-post!

lack of inspiration for new posts? Well yes.


7 Jan

[Insert cheesy hipster caption]

lol can’t afford to buy real glass so stuck with the plastic one, and ofc not seeing the “recycle me” mark while taking the photo = =


2 Jan




– Feathers

– Earrings

– DIY tools

– Shitload of patience OR someone to punch in the face when things aren’t turning out the way you want to.


With the risk of sounding self-righteous, this is actually how I felt after completing it without any rage attack at all.

kay, close up time: