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Le dinner, student style

3 Mar

I, along with my awesome other half, are chairwomen of the International committee at my home university and I’m also mentor for two korean guys that are studying at my university as exchange students! There is pretty huge segregation when it comes to exchange students, because they are all living in bk, a small area with houses mostly only for exchange students. Oh well that discussion will be brought up another time, what i want to say is that one of my mentees decided to have this dinner party with his neighbours, and he also invited me (le proud mentor) and this is the result!

First off, we have korean style pork

This my newest obsession: ddeokbokki! If I only could eat one dish for the rest of my life, ddeokbokki is a good candidate!

Kimchi! (also Korean)

This was a libanese dish, I tried to memorize/pronounce/understand the name of it but I never succeded. Anyhow it is mashed eggplant and its name is something like “babagaloushsomethingsomething“. We also had pakistanian soup, Indian curry with chicken, german salad and austrian blueberry dessert! I was in food coma for hours after that evening but it was totally worth it!!



oh and btw, brb imma head to London for a couple of days!


Le sugarbomb

1 Mar

As much as I want to be able to say that I sonly eat things that makes me happy, I have realised that doing so would result in me not only rolling in the deep but also rolling everywhere like the  Michelin-mascot. Oh well, I’m not there yet so I don’t have to worry…yet 🙂

So this is the ice cream buffet at Jensens Böfhous. This was actually my main course last time I was there, I had three bowls of ice cream with 34935234948 different kinds of toppings. Too bad I got too greedy and poured every topping on it so it looked like a mess before I could take a decent pic, but oh well!

So I updated my photo editing software and it had new features such as different icons! And me being me couldn’t resist the urge to destroy an actually good pic by adding various childish icons. Yay me.

uff, enough virtual calories for today!

Le shadow

1 Mar

It is nice to know new people, but the restaurant visits that comes along with that gets pretty pricey after a while…Buuuuuut, I get to take pictures of foooooooooooooood, so I’m not really complaining 🙂

Appletini, one of my new addictions!

Short stories are the best. Therefore, I will end my post here 🙂


29 Feb

Let me share my love for taking pics while eating 🙂

Brace yourself! Le long-ass post is coming!

Pasta Carbonara – poor student style lol

Pasta Funghi – Vapiano Style

Le mouthwatering dessert @Vapiano♥




Brb, gonna get something to eat!

The difference between food and food

11 Nov

So yeah, if the last post made u hungry this one will def not!

These pics were taken during my china-trip earlier this year and well, me and my brother didn’t eat a lot during our 5 days in Beijing…

Normal food!! Don’t know what’s in it tho…I don’t think I want to know haha

I’d like ppl to have the image of me as an independent, strong and brave superwoman who’s pro at multitasking, but everytime I see these pics I turn into this girly girl with squeeky voice who’s incapable of doing anything by myself…lol i think this is my kryptonite!

(And YES, I’m aware of the fact that I’m only showing one side of china’s culinary supply, don’t hate on me :))


8 Nov

I love food so much I’d die without it LOL. I love ordinary food, but it’s the sweets that makes my heart beat faster, cause they aren’t just food for the stomach, they are also food for eyes and soul! When I’m bored I entertain myself by looking at delicious desserts on flickr and trying to imagine how they taste.

Yes, I have no life and will prob be foreveralone with 60cats and 500 books of cupcake recipes haha

Oreo ice cream!


Some mochi-like thing from when I went to China!

It’s easier to blame others than to blame oneself, so imma blame english for being my 2nd language cause I seriously can’t remember what these are called in english fml T.T But…they are delicious!!

I sincerely ask for forgiveness if I made you hungry or start craving for sweets! ^^

Hualien pt2a

11 Sep

Pau’s aunt made a lunch reservation at a restaurant on the 2nd day of our trip. So we drove from Hualien and almost all the way down to Taitung, and it was amazing! The road was located next to the seashore and the view was so stunning, Ken even had trouble focusing on the road from time to time. As we drove we listened to a CD we found in the car, it was a taiwanese aboriginal group’s CD and it was sso relaxing just listening to their songs and looking out of the window.

Please play the vid before scrolling down! 🙂

One of the song’s lyrics, a bit hard to follow but they we’re all really good cause they gave the right road trip-feeling 😀

Real pics will come, but first… one useless random hey-I’m-on-a-road-trip-and-I’m-camwhoring-in-the-backseat-pic!

Time for some real pics!

Look at the rearview mirror!

The map, our best friend through-out the trip!!

The welcome sign at the restaurant

The view was…omg…



I can’t any words to describe how beautiful it was! I’m so glad I brought my camera! I have tons and tons of pics of the view, but I think imma stop there before someone gets bored lol

Our reservation was “SWEDEN, 4 guests” haha 🙂


Everything was pre-ordered by Pau’s aunt (once again, Thank you soo much!!) and it was really delicious!

Rice with taro flakes.

The restaurant had a super cute pet piglet, which came to us for some food several times.

Ok this post needa be divided in two because a) I don’t want to make it too long, and b) I need to sleep so I won’t fall asleep at work tomorrow lol


Maokong Gondola

8 Sep

The last post was…emo… But I’m okay now!!! Here are some pics of when we took the Maokong Godola in Taiwan!

Some of the gondolas had glass flooring(sp?!) and tbh, it was quite scary. The three of us refused to look on the floor cause we’re frikkin cowards FOL T.T And yes, that is Pau’s wounds from when I lost control over the tandem…feel so bad for her T.T

It was A LOT higher than what the pic illustrates! It felt like we we’re 100m above the ground@@

the view from the gondola! (Taipei 101 in the background)

We arrived to the top and saw some slightly confusing and overwhelming signs… We looked at the signs for a moment and went “wtf just walk” and took a random path.

So we ended up at a small café and had some desserts. I had frikkin Mango juice with cheesecake! ♥♥♥

Hualien/Yilan last pt

2 Sep

This is the food we ate on the last day of the trip!

Appetizer: Bird’s nest with whipped cream and conserved plum.

Main course: Sushi

Main course: Scary oyster thingy. So apparently the restaurant’s nisch is that they have giant serving plates…quite fascinating, but I felt so bad seeing the waitresses struggle to get the dishes on our table >.<


“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”  ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story


26 Aug

The day before we left Taiwan we went to a korean restaurant again, this time they had real korean BBQ and someone to barbeque it all for us! This was a restaurant in a shopping mall in Taoyuan, and not that I’m complaining about the first restaurant, but this had a more restaurant-y feel than the first one which was kinda obvious cause the first one was in a food court.

Clean and fresh!

1st side dish: glass noodles

2nd side dish: Kimchi (duh)

All of the side dishes, I was full by just eating them fml

THE meat, soooooooo good!! I get hungry by just looking at it.. T.T


Nian Gao! I only know the chinese name of this korean dish…fml

These poor crabs looked like they were smiling while being boiled and prepared to be ingested by us. I couldn’t bear to eat that T.T

But seriously, I could travel to Korea just to eat their food! My uni has partner uni’s in both Korea and Japan and I had a really hard time to decide which country i wanted to go to until recently when I’ve been eating more and more korean-inspired food! Sushi is delicious, but thanks to certain friends who convince us to have sushi like once a week I’m kind of tired of it lol

Of course there are more variables that made me choose Korea over Japan, but those are confidential 😉

“I eat merely to put food out of my mind.”  ~N.F. Simpson