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Les tulips

15 Jun



Le Gamla Stan/Slussen

5 Jun

A sunny day in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, and Slussen 🙂

hmm, can’t decide wether i like the glare or not..

The end 🙂

Grace x3

31 May

Thanks to Sherry for taking the pics (:

Le monochrome

29 May

Hmm, might as well post another one 🙂

Ai Weiwei: one of my inspiration sources♥


22 Mar

Mixing and matching old and new pics in lack of inspiration

I love my new collar♥

Still can’t let go of London♥


17 Mar

Nvm the title, just imitating a friend 🙂

anyhow, I found some pics that i took in february! It’s some kind of candle holding dingly thingy that my mom bought in some indian store a couple of yrs ago!

So yea, I’ve been too lazy to clean my lense, hence the eh…gleam. But yea it looked pretty good in the pic so I aint complaining!

I wantedx to write a post with no edited pics, but i couldn’t resist adding a filter on the last one, but to compensate for that i but the “before” and “after” together!

Not really related to the pics, but this was a random post anway lol

Le sugarbomb

1 Mar

As much as I want to be able to say that I sonly eat things that makes me happy, I have realised that doing so would result in me not only rolling in the deep but also rolling everywhere like the  Michelin-mascot. Oh well, I’m not there yet so I don’t have to worry…yet 🙂

So this is the ice cream buffet at Jensens Böfhous. This was actually my main course last time I was there, I had three bowls of ice cream with 34935234948 different kinds of toppings. Too bad I got too greedy and poured every topping on it so it looked like a mess before I could take a decent pic, but oh well!

So I updated my photo editing software and it had new features such as different icons! And me being me couldn’t resist the urge to destroy an actually good pic by adding various childish icons. Yay me.

uff, enough virtual calories for today!


29 Feb

Let me share my love for taking pics while eating 🙂

Brace yourself! Le long-ass post is coming!

Pasta Carbonara – poor student style lol

Pasta Funghi – Vapiano Style

Le mouthwatering dessert @Vapiano♥




Brb, gonna get something to eat!


8 Jan

School hasn’t even started yet and I’m already suffocating from all the things i needa do. So, in order to complete the tasks before school starts I made different list with different priorities and dates and stuff. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a hell of a list-maker. The only problem is when I’m about to start, because I never know where to begin. So I usually just

and do something completely different.

My last try on being effective lead to making my shelf a corner for taking pics that turned out like this:

They all kinda look the same, but…..yea:)

Candles and stuff

27 Dec

Here we go!

Such a crappy post…I’ll improve I promise T.T