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I used to uptade frequently…

16 Dec

…But then I took an arrow in the knee.

Exams, essays, work and stuff at school made me all:

And then I said F this sht (didn’t find the pic fml ><) and went on 9gag.

And never got outta there… still, at this very moment, I’m on 9gag…





I need help… = =

But ohey! I found some pics from the past summer!(: (don’t remember where this is from tho…I only remember I took it in TW)

I remember! it was at Taroko Gorge!!

This made me miss summer so much!♥


Hualien pt2b

13 Sep

After the lunch in Hualien/Taitung we went down to the beach!

No word vomit, only pics today! (Actually I’m just lazy…)

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.”  ~Moshe Dayan

Hualien pt2a

11 Sep

Pau’s aunt made a lunch reservation at a restaurant on the 2nd day of our trip. So we drove from Hualien and almost all the way down to Taitung, and it was amazing! The road was located next to the seashore and the view was so stunning, Ken even had trouble focusing on the road from time to time. As we drove we listened to a CD we found in the car, it was a taiwanese aboriginal group’s CD and it was sso relaxing just listening to their songs and looking out of the window.

Please play the vid before scrolling down! 🙂

One of the song’s lyrics, a bit hard to follow but they we’re all really good cause they gave the right road trip-feeling 😀

Real pics will come, but first… one useless random hey-I’m-on-a-road-trip-and-I’m-camwhoring-in-the-backseat-pic!

Time for some real pics!

Look at the rearview mirror!

The map, our best friend through-out the trip!!

The welcome sign at the restaurant

The view was…omg…



I can’t any words to describe how beautiful it was! I’m so glad I brought my camera! I have tons and tons of pics of the view, but I think imma stop there before someone gets bored lol

Our reservation was “SWEDEN, 4 guests” haha 🙂


Everything was pre-ordered by Pau’s aunt (once again, Thank you soo much!!) and it was really delicious!

Rice with taro flakes.

The restaurant had a super cute pet piglet, which came to us for some food several times.

Ok this post needa be divided in two because a) I don’t want to make it too long, and b) I need to sleep so I won’t fall asleep at work tomorrow lol


Hualien – Again!

9 Sep

When ken came to Taiwan we decided to show him another side of Taiwan than just the vibrant capital city, so… We went to Hualien!

And Pau’s aunt was so kind she lent us her car so we could move around freely in Hualien!

Hualien is really beautiful, this is actually just a random pic i took when we were driving to the house we were gonna live in (thank you Pau’s aunt!).

A Pic from a restaurnt we went to. Ken borrowed my camera and took it, credits to him! I love this pic, it’s really nice and moody

Another pic that Ken took

After dinner we went to nan Bing Night Market and released lantern at the beach nearby.

Hope the one who gets our wishes is able to read swedish, english and chinese lol

ken’s wish was the funniest one, he wished to gain weight so he would weight 72KG!

After releasing the lantern we had some fun with the shutter speed on my camera. At first we tried with our cellphones, and it sucked. So we bought sparklers instead!

Failed attempt at 1337 lol

Pedobear lol

I failed D:

I have a confession to make, I’m a…serial killer. And I kill for fun.

I kill…cockroaches lol

The first night was chaos…No one had lived in the house we stayed in for three months…correction, no human being had been living there for three months, only bugs and frikkin COCKROACHES >.< we spent the first night TRYING to find and KILL those frikkin #&/”¤!! And I was the one who stopmed them to death! It wasn’t because I was the fattest of us all (well at least i dun think I am lol), it was because they all refused to do it!! So, i ran around in the house with on shoe, screaming like a crazy person as I stomped on those gross things. Gosh..the feeling of a crushed cockroach under ur shoe is so nice yet so disgusting lol
After the killing spree we unpacked…like everything. Four teenagers alone in a house…srsly it felt soooooooo good just throwing things where we wanted!

Maokong Gondola

8 Sep

The last post was…emo… But I’m okay now!!! Here are some pics of when we took the Maokong Godola in Taiwan!

Some of the gondolas had glass flooring(sp?!) and tbh, it was quite scary. The three of us refused to look on the floor cause we’re frikkin cowards FOL T.T And yes, that is Pau’s wounds from when I lost control over the tandem…feel so bad for her T.T

It was A LOT higher than what the pic illustrates! It felt like we we’re 100m above the ground@@

the view from the gondola! (Taipei 101 in the background)

We arrived to the top and saw some slightly confusing and overwhelming signs… We looked at the signs for a moment and went “wtf just walk” and took a random path.

So we ended up at a small café and had some desserts. I had frikkin Mango juice with cheesecake! ♥♥♥

Touristing(?) in Taipei

6 Sep

After coming back from Hualien and Yilan our friend Ken came from china to visit us! (well actually, he’s just an asian kid living in sweden like me lol). The hostel was totally fked up and gave him the wrong adress, making us think he was swindled AND making him nervous cause he didn’t have ant place to stay for the first days of his visit. Pau and I ran around like crazy looking for free wifi-spots so we could find the number to the hostel, srsly…we looked quite stupid running around with frustrated/confused faces whilst holding our phones high up in the air <– trying to contact any aliens?! lol

But yea, eventually it worked out and we went to Shilin night market for dinner!

Crowded as usual

Hotpot for dinner!!!♥

Random vain pic of me… (uneven eyebrows ftw)

We met Mithelle and her friends in Danshui and went for a biking tour. Pau and I shared a tandem and took turns in trying to steer that crazy thing. When it was my turn, I steered for about half an hour and got frikking tired and then suddenly my knee looked like this:

I lost control over the bike and we both fell…I feel so bad for pau cause she fell and started bleeding too >.< Actually none of us remember what happened after we fell. I just knew that we were lying on the ground and suddenly some random ppl were helping us to clean our wounds with a saline(?) solution that hurt more than falling. We were crying like mad T.T

After getting our wounds fixed we had some ice cream to cheer ourselves up… Shaved ice with mango WOHO!

A cute girl selling stuff 🙂

SOGO department store

Ximen Ding, our last stop in our one day taipei trip!

Hualien/Yilan last pt

2 Sep

This is the food we ate on the last day of the trip!

Appetizer: Bird’s nest with whipped cream and conserved plum.

Main course: Sushi

Main course: Scary oyster thingy. So apparently the restaurant’s nisch is that they have giant serving plates…quite fascinating, but I felt so bad seeing the waitresses struggle to get the dishes on our table >.<


“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”  ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

Hualien/Yilan pt3

31 Aug

Another stop we made in our trip was at a really cute and charming flowershop, it was kinda random, but I had plenty of time to take photos so I didn’t complain as much as my bro lols.

Haha cuuute cactus!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  ~Confucius

Hualien/Yilan pt2

30 Aug

On the second day of my short Hualien/Yilan trip we went to a lot of places that were famous for their picturesque sceneries. As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the slow pace that life seemed to have there, I felt like I didn’t had any worries at all!

We stopped at a national park were we borrowed bikes and biked around and just chilled. If only everyday was like this!

I really like the contrast between the city and the nature and how they look like they are in harmony.

Thanks to jiejie for helping me take this pic!

We found a supercute garbage container!

“I would not exchange my leisure hours for all the wealth in the world.”  ~Comte de Mirabeau

Hualien/Yilan part1

29 Aug

Right after going back to Taiwan we went on a guided tour with my relatives to Hualien and Yilan (East side of Taiwan)! This trip was kind of special for me, because for me Taiwan is a very crowded and intense country, but going to Hualien and Yilan I was introduced to the slow and more chill side of Taiwan, and it was really nice!

Apparently, if you  ask for a room for four in Hualien you will get a room with three double beds.. well, we didn’t complain!

This is the view from our tour bus. Usually I sleep as soon as I get on a vehicle,  but the view was so amazing I couldn’t stop looking!

(sepia) We went to a mountain and just walked and walked up different stairs, I think i walked as much as I walk for one week when I’m in Sweden @@ The funny thing about the mountain was that the signal was super good there!! I could even log on to facebook! lols

More stairs…

We really appreciated how they saw tourism as a source of income, but didn’t try to modify the nature after the tourist ans make it more tourism-friendly. It was really nice to see a tourist destination that isn’t ruined by tourism, it actually became their charm! Finally someone who understands the concept of sustainable tourism! (Tho I acutally hit my head in a tree when I was trying to multitask and walk and take photos at the same time…)

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.”  ~Henrik Tikkanen