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12 Feb


addiction x3

4 Dec

Hi my name is Grace, I like to take pics of myself in awkward poses instead of studying…fml

No life

30 Sep

gah, due to working and studying 12hrs/day my everyday dresscode went from floral dresses to something not even worthy to be called casual T.T I dun even have the strength to coordinate clothes in the morning. I wake up, go to school, then to work, come home, eat dinner, watch an episode of a korean drama and then go to bed. And on top of that I’ve gotten a lot of blemishes on my face.. my face looks like a frikkin starry sky, in a bad way, I swear you could find all of the asters on my face, but instead of starts you will be connecting zits….

 srsly… I need help T.T or at least give me photoshop IRL!!

Dear “problem of the privileged”, I hate you.


24 Aug

As I mentioned earlier,  my hair was in desperate need of being re-dyed, so the day after I arrived in Taiwan I went to a hair salon to get a new hair colour.

This is what my hair looked like before, my original hair colour vs the dyed one.

I asked for some shades lighter than my current hair colour, just like Lena on this issue of ViVi  Magazine. I was really looking forward to change hair colour and I was already imagining how it would look like and how i would style it. I  was gonna be as pretty as Lena! (no shame wtf)

pic from

And this is what I got… I got period in my hair = = excause me but HOOOOW is this lighter than my brownish hair?!

I’m so upset I’m not even gonna share a quote! T.T