Le MAYDAY 五月天<3

27 Mar


And I’m off to London again, see you tomorrow! 🙂


Le finnish sky

26 Mar

So, eh, I went to to Finland by boat and here are  some pics of the sky lols

So this is the non edited pic! I really like the pastel sky, feels kinda romantic 🙂

I’m kinda on a picture edit-diet, i try to not edit my pics that much, but I really really like the result <- which makes me feel like a sucky person who can’t take a good picsture without having to edit it T T

ugh, the post after the next one will be non edited i swear T T


22 Mar

Mixing and matching old and new pics in lack of inspiration

I love my new collar♥

Still can’t let go of London♥


21 Mar

Rest in Peace, Dear team mate…

“What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another?” -Alan Paton


17 Mar

Nvm the title, just imitating a friend 🙂

anyhow, I found some pics that i took in february! It’s some kind of candle holding dingly thingy that my mom bought in some indian store a couple of yrs ago!

So yea, I’ve been too lazy to clean my lense, hence the eh…gleam. But yea it looked pretty good in the pic so I aint complaining!

I wantedx to write a post with no edited pics, but i couldn’t resist adding a filter on the last one, but to compensate for that i but the “before” and “after” together!

Not really related to the pics, but this was a random post anway lol

Le touristing

16 Mar

Last post about London! Kinda random and mixed pics, yay.

Shopping day in Oxford street!

Holy crap, the store manager shot me death glares every time he heard my camera click…dafuq T T

London probably has the cutest souvenirs in Europe, I wanted to buy everything except the crappy tshirts lol


Why this kind of pic? Because I can!

This is the theatre were we saw The Lion King! The show wass really great!! But I can’t believe I got something in my eyes during the scene when Mufasa fell… T T

London at night (pastel version)

15 Mar

Well, this trip to london was kinda 走馬看花 (eh…Cursory?!), we didn’t really stop and admire the places we went to because of our tight schedule. Therefore, the pics aren’t as good as I wanted them to be T T. Next time I travel, I will travel alone so I can take my time to take pics = =

Le Big Ben! I used one of the lammpost on the sidewalk to hold the camera as still as possible, it looked like i was randomly clinging onto lampposts like a koala bear lol.

Big Ben and London Eye

London is so pretty… I really wish I could live here T T

Bad light + shaky and cold hands = skew and blurry pic. BUT the motif was pretty! 😀

Once again, the result of clining onto a lamppost.

Tower Bridge or London Bridge?! I don’t really remember… But It was pretty! 😀

Le London post ft Portobello market ♥

13 Mar

I think the title says it all 🙂

Cherry blossoms welcoming spring 🙂

When I become financially independent this will be mine! ♥

The flowers made our stroll 140% more romantic and cosy even tho it rained as hell

And that was Portobello market from my point of view 🙂

oh and I ♥ London so much… Please, someone give me money to move there T T

Le dinner, student style

3 Mar

I, along with my awesome other half, are chairwomen of the International committee at my home university and I’m also mentor for two korean guys that are studying at my university as exchange students! There is pretty huge segregation when it comes to exchange students, because they are all living in bk, a small area with houses mostly only for exchange students. Oh well that discussion will be brought up another time, what i want to say is that one of my mentees decided to have this dinner party with his neighbours, and he also invited me (le proud mentor) and this is the result!

First off, we have korean style pork

This my newest obsession: ddeokbokki! If I only could eat one dish for the rest of my life, ddeokbokki is a good candidate!

Kimchi! (also Korean)

This was a libanese dish, I tried to memorize/pronounce/understand the name of it but I never succeded. Anyhow it is mashed eggplant and its name is something like “babagaloushsomethingsomething“. We also had pakistanian soup, Indian curry with chicken, german salad and austrian blueberry dessert! I was in food coma for hours after that evening but it was totally worth it!!



oh and btw, brb imma head to London for a couple of days!

Le sugarbomb

1 Mar

As much as I want to be able to say that I sonly eat things that makes me happy, I have realised that doing so would result in me not only rolling in the deep but also rolling everywhere like the  Michelin-mascot. Oh well, I’m not there yet so I don’t have to worry…yet 🙂

So this is the ice cream buffet at Jensens Böfhous. This was actually my main course last time I was there, I had three bowls of ice cream with 34935234948 different kinds of toppings. Too bad I got too greedy and poured every topping on it so it looked like a mess before I could take a decent pic, but oh well!

So I updated my photo editing software and it had new features such as different icons! And me being me couldn’t resist the urge to destroy an actually good pic by adding various childish icons. Yay me.

uff, enough virtual calories for today!