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Les tulips

15 Jun




8 Jan

School hasn’t even started yet and I’m already suffocating from all the things i needa do. So, in order to complete the tasks before school starts I made different list with different priorities and dates and stuff. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a hell of a list-maker. The only problem is when I’m about to start, because I never know where to begin. So I usually just

and do something completely different.

My last try on being effective lead to making my shelf a corner for taking pics that turned out like this:

They all kinda look the same, but…..yea:)

3 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of feelings pt3

2 Dec

3 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of feelings pt2

2 Dec

Yay for part two with the flowers useed at the winter table!

lol we bought some candles at IKEA but we didn’t think of on what we should put them, so i found this jar and filles it with sand to make the candle stable… but hey it worked! (:

3 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of feelings pt1

2 Dec

I’m back with the flower pics again!! These are arranged and taken during our swedish dinner party that we in The International Committee of Södertörns University (some masked advertising here lol) hosted for the exchange students. Cause everyone had classes and a life a lot of the decorations were improvised one and a half hour before the party started. I was still running around throwing flowers on the tables when ppl had already arrived T.T

So basically this post is about the flowers we used at the party, cause I didn’t have the chance to take any pics of the other decorations T.T But it was really pretty cause we used a lot of different lights and candles and made the room super cozy!

Sunshine in my heart

6 Oct

Cause I heard today was gonna be frikkin cold and grey, I took the chance to take some last pics with the sun as light source.

My mom’s oddly shaped flower was really charming!

Hualien/Yilan pt3

31 Aug

Another stop we made in our trip was at a really cute and charming flowershop, it was kinda random, but I had plenty of time to take photos so I didn’t complain as much as my bro lols.

Haha cuuute cactus!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  ~Confucius