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Les tulips

15 Jun



Le Gamla Stan/Slussen

5 Jun

A sunny day in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, and Slussen 🙂

hmm, can’t decide wether i like the glare or not..

The end 🙂

Absence lvl Grace

29 May

So eh…Hi! I finally have time to update this dusty blog naow huehue. Since it’s been waaaay too long i’ll just post some random ones , yaaay:D

So my friend from Taiwan/Austria came and visited me for ten days! I didn’t do any homework those days, but i had a greaaaat time! And yes those days are the reason i got so much to catch up with now T T

One of the days we went to Djurgården and found this adorable tree with colorful balls (hehe) hanging from its branches and we kinde fell in love with it. We went there for two or three days in a row, hence the different outfits 🙂

sigh, asian and their jumping poses…






I dunno what I was thinking when I edited these pics, kiiinda too much..SORRY T T

Le Finland trip!

30 Mar

I think this is my most traveling-intense year of all time @@ London x2, Finland, Riga, Denmark, Taiwan, South Korea and still planning to go to other places… At least my camera is happy! Oh and I’m Happy too!!! 😀

So, as the title says, this post is about my finland trip last weekend! Well actually more like 30h cruise trip and 5h Finland trip lol

Pretty Helsinki…Cold as hell = =

Seriously, no edit!! I can’t believe it lol


wehooo, the only edited one is the 3rd one, the rest I just adjusted the light 🙂 I’M HAPPY ♥

Le finnish sky

26 Mar

So, eh, I went to to Finland by boat and here are  some pics of the sky lols

So this is the non edited pic! I really like the pastel sky, feels kinda romantic 🙂

I’m kinda on a picture edit-diet, i try to not edit my pics that much, but I really really like the result <- which makes me feel like a sucky person who can’t take a good picsture without having to edit it T T

ugh, the post after the next one will be non edited i swear T T

A dream has power to poison sleep.

20 Jan

From   ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, “Mutability”

I was gonna post some pics on wordpress yesterday and I saw that all of the other blogs in the news feed was censored, made me all

But today everything was back on track! This really made me realise how much I love my blog and to read other’s blogs…Even if no one is reading this crapblog I still love it so so so so much T.T

eh, back to topic. I found a dream catcher (? (I suck.)) in my room! yay.


ofc I had to edit at least one, turning it into this dreamy and poethic pic. I guess this is the only way I could be poetic without being THAT lame lol.

Oh wait! My latest obsession:


Hualien/Yilan part1

29 Aug

Right after going back to Taiwan we went on a guided tour with my relatives to Hualien and Yilan (East side of Taiwan)! This trip was kind of special for me, because for me Taiwan is a very crowded and intense country, but going to Hualien and Yilan I was introduced to the slow and more chill side of Taiwan, and it was really nice!

Apparently, if you  ask for a room for four in Hualien you will get a room with three double beds.. well, we didn’t complain!

This is the view from our tour bus. Usually I sleep as soon as I get on a vehicle,  but the view was so amazing I couldn’t stop looking!

(sepia) We went to a mountain and just walked and walked up different stairs, I think i walked as much as I walk for one week when I’m in Sweden @@ The funny thing about the mountain was that the signal was super good there!! I could even log on to facebook! lols

More stairs…

We really appreciated how they saw tourism as a source of income, but didn’t try to modify the nature after the tourist ans make it more tourism-friendly. It was really nice to see a tourist destination that isn’t ruined by tourism, it actually became their charm! Finally someone who understands the concept of sustainable tourism! (Tho I acutally hit my head in a tree when I was trying to multitask and walk and take photos at the same time…)

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.”  ~Henrik Tikkanen