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Le Gamla Stan/Slussen

5 Jun

A sunny day in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, and Slussen 🙂

hmm, can’t decide wether i like the glare or not..

The end 🙂


Grace x3

31 May

Thanks to Sherry for taking the pics (:

Le monochrome

29 May

Hmm, might as well post another one 🙂

Ai Weiwei: one of my inspiration sources♥


17 Mar

Nvm the title, just imitating a friend 🙂

anyhow, I found some pics that i took in february! It’s some kind of candle holding dingly thingy that my mom bought in some indian store a couple of yrs ago!

So yea, I’ve been too lazy to clean my lense, hence the eh…gleam. But yea it looked pretty good in the pic so I aint complaining!

I wantedx to write a post with no edited pics, but i couldn’t resist adding a filter on the last one, but to compensate for that i but the “before” and “after” together!

Not really related to the pics, but this was a random post anway lol


29 Feb

Let me share my love for taking pics while eating 🙂

Brace yourself! Le long-ass post is coming!

Pasta Carbonara – poor student style lol

Pasta Funghi – Vapiano Style

Le mouthwatering dessert @Vapiano♥




Brb, gonna get something to eat!


19 Jan

Another shot of some accessories!